OIL & GAS Applications

The Oil & Gas Industry is notorious for problematic and troublesome valves due to the severe service operating conditions of high pressures, high temperatures, abrasive fluids, solid-laden fluids and high cycles.

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The gate, globe and plug valves of yesterday, commonly used in these applications, are unable to perform satisfactorily as they leak past the seat, leak past the packing, plug up, erode, wear and many times lock and freeze up solid.

Worse than this, they LEAK from new! These valves are designed and tested in accordance with ANSI Class IV which allows them to LEAK 0.01% of their rated valve capacity. This means the valves are already LEAKING when put into service and will leak even more as time goes by due to fluid erosion and wear.

The solution to these problems is VOLK FLOW CONTROLS, INC severe service, zero leakage, metal seated ball valves. VOLK severe service, zero leakage, metal seated ball valves are designed and manufactured to US standards, specifications and quality procedures.

VOLK V2 Metal Seated Ball Valve

The design is proven in the field for over 30 years and utilizes very hard coatings in the 68 to 72 Rockwell C range applied by the High Velocity Oxygen Fuel process. Unlike traditional and commodity designs, the HVOF coated ball is loaded into the HVOF coated downstream sealing seat with a high constant force. These hard coatings prevent erosion and extend valve life in these severe service applications.

VOLK V3 Metal Seated Ball Valve

Since the ball is at all times in contact with the seat, especially during flowing conditions, solids cannot deposit or build up on the seat to interfere with sealing. In addition, the action of the ball moving across the seats causes any solids building up on the ball to be scraped off thus preventing solids from getting trapped between the seat and ball.

All VOLK Flow Controls, Inc severe service, zero leakage metal seated ball valves are inherently fire safe as there are no elastomer seats or seals to melt or extrude under fire conditions.

The benefits of using VOLK severe service, zero leakage metal seated ball valves are:

Long maintenance free service life
Zero emissions to atmosphere
Safe operations due to blow out proof stem
Improved process control due to assured isolation of fluids
Improved plant efficiency due to zero loss of fluids leaking past the seats
Assured and positive closure during upset and emergency conditions

Applications where VOLK severe service zero leakage metal seated ball valves are used to solve these problems are:

Onshore & Offshore Production:
Isolation valves between Christmas Tree BOP and pipeline or manifold
Isolation valves in manifolds connecting wells
Isolation valves in Flow Measurement test lines
Isolation & HIPPS valves on metering skids
Balancing valve between flow lines from same well.
Isolation and ESD valves on flare
HIPPS valves
Isolation valves on bulk heads
Isolation valves on Compressor Anti Surge
Isolation valves on HP Pumps discharge
Isolation valves on heaters
Isolation valves on gas or water re-injection
Isolation valves on Pig Launch and Receive Stations
Isolation valves on separator inlets
Isolation valves on Pump Recirculation
Isolation valves on Compressor Recycle
Isolation valves on Compressor Bypass

Separator Plants:
Isolation valves around Adsorber, Regenerator and Cooler vessels
High cycle switching valves on molecular sieves
ESD valves
Separator dump valves

Sour gas and other treatment Units:
Isolation valves on separators and pumps
Isolation valves on Adsorber and Regenerator vessels
Isolation valves on Flare Line
Isolation valves on transfer lines to SRU
Separator dump valves

SRU Retrofit MRO:
Isolation valves on hot gas bypass lines (1100 deg F)
Isolation valves on Offgas from Coalescing Separator (1000 deg F)
Isolation and ESD valves on waste heat recovery
Isolation and ESD valves to flare.

Gas Re-Injection:
Isolation valves on manifolds, pipelines and flow stations
Sacrifice valves
Isolation and ESD valves to flare
ESD valves
Isolation valves on compressors

Gas Storage:
Isolation valves on storage vessels
Isolation valves on manifolds and pipes

Transmission and Distribution:
Isolation valves on metering stations and skids
Isolation valves on pressure reduction and regulation
Isolation valves on heaters
Isolation valves on compressors
Isolation valves on balancing and equalization lines