Company Profile


With their headquarters and manufacturing base in Houston, Texas, USA, VOLK FLOW CONTROLS, INC. is a proven leading manufacturer of valves for all industries. Valves such as soft seated ball and butterfly valves, plug valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, control valves together with severe service metal seated zero leakage ball and butterfly valves and severe service control valves are available in all types, sizes, materials pressure classes and automation.

In addition to valves, VOLK FLOW CONTROLS, INC. also offers the GT (GIANT TORK) complete range of electric and pneumatic actuators suitable for all types of linear and quarter turn valves.

VOLK FLOW CONTROLS, INC. is a major manufacturer and supplier of valves and actuators to the Power, Oil & Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical, Mining, Marine, Metals, Aerospace Industries among others with installations in most countries of the world.

All VOLK FLOW CONTROLS, INC. products are designed, engineered and manufactured by dedicated and experienced industry engineers to provide safe, reliable, dependable and affordable valves, actuators and solutions.

All VOLK FLOW CONTROLS, INC. products are tracked in the field using our database to monitor performance and service life. Together with continual feedback from our customers from valves operating in their Plants, and our high manufacturing, rigorous testing and Quality Control procedures, VOLK FLOW CONTROLS, INC. guarantees long service life with less maintenance.

Bubble-tight and Zero-leakage valves are guaranteed for both high and low temperatures and pressure.

VOLK FLOW CONTROLS, INC. provides customers with affordable, dependable and reliable solutions.