Power Generation / Hydrocarbon Refining / Petrochemical / Mining .

All VOLK valves are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in accordance with industry standards meeting all ASME, ANSI and API standards. VOLK valves perform with little to no maintenance, reducing the cost of users and they are all the user needs to completely solve the valve-related performance problems.

Power Generation
The design of today’s Power Plants, with their combination of high pressures and temperatures, resulted in yesterday’s valves being totally unsuitable for performance and reliability.

VOLK design engineers listened and responded with a NEW GENERATION of valves providing performance, reliability and ease of maintenance at an affordable cost. VOLK isolation and Emergency Shut Down valves provide fast shut off with zero leakage and little to no maintenance.

Over 500 Power Plants have found that leakage and leaking valves are a thing of the past by using VOLK valves. Not only that, but VOLK tight shut off, zero leakage valves increase the Power Plants efficiency by reducing the cost of expensive leakage.

Hydrocarbon Refining
Catalytic Cracking
Coking both Delayed and Flexicoking

Ethylene Production/ Purification
Polyethylene Production
Polypropylene Production
Polymer Production
–Reactive Monomers
Special Chemical Applications

Copper Slurry
Nickel Slurry
Oil Sands
Zinc/Lead Slurry