VOLK Check Valve

VOLK Valves Series


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Seat: Renewable and easy to replace seat ring are seal welded to minimize distortion from body stress. Hardfaced seat ensures long service life, better resistance to heat, corrosion and erosion.

Retainer bolt: Studs establish the initial seal of the pressure seat joint.

Art hole: Easy to replace segmental thrust ring.

Disc nut assembly: Set screw is used to ensure a secure connection between the hinge and the disc nut The disc assembly is self aligning and closes in the no flow condition.

Hinge pin: This is positioned at the center of gravity of the disc thus minimizing seat surface radius rotation and velocity.

Expanded graphite seal ring: Excellent seal performance at low and high pressure, even under severe pressure and temperature transients.

Download PDF catalog: VOLK Valves Catalog